How do I protect myself from scams?

Cyber security has become one of people’s priorities in their lives.

It is important to update your operating system and antivirus protection in a timely manner. Read incoming messages carefully, especially if those messages come from unclear suppliers. Also, be critical of messages that announce you are the winner of the lottery or send you a variety of photos.
Don’t blindly trust even messages from friends asking you to download unknown software, open unclear documents, or encourage investment.
Also, do not visit suspicious websites or download data from untrusted websites. Buy online only from reputable sellers and don’t be tempted by the huge discounts offered by obscure suppliers.
Do not disclose your passwords and other personal information. Do not access e-banking through suspicious links.
Ignore incoming calls unless you know you’re calling.
Take a more critical look at the information that reaches you, and remember that cybersecurity is not just a matter for IT professionals, but also for people, employees, or family members.